Microsoft SQL Server datasource plugin showing unavailable for Grafana 9.5.1

When adding a MSSQL as a datasource, I click on Save and Test button, I get Plugin Unavailable. I have attached the screenshot below. I only removed the server info from the screenshot but I’ve tested the connection on MSSQL management studio and its working fine.

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Is your MSSQL database and Grafana instance running on the same LAN? What about these two fields? Did you test the connection after populating them?

Here are mine:

You tested it in ssms using the sql authentication user or your credentials?

I’ve test the credentials on ssms and its working fine

I’ve only removed the 2 fields as I didn’t really want to show the ip, but yes, I tested after populating them and the 2 instance are in the same network. It just says plugin unavailable.

If this was a connection issue or something, would it still show plugin unavailable? To me the message feels like there is something wrong with the plugin itself, not connection

Are you using OSS or Cloud? Did you add the datasource via this menu?

I am using OSS and yes I’ve added the datasource via the menu you posted. When I click Save & Test connection, I get that plugin unavailable error

Hmmmm…I cannot get that error in my setup. For sure Grafana and MSSQL are on the same LAN, right? Can each machine ping one another?

In my setup, if I remove the \MSSQL2022STD in the Host box, then I get this:

If I deliberately use the wrong username, I get this:

If I deliberately use the wrong IP address, I get this:

Hi, yes the machine can ping each other. I’ve tried entering a non working host as well, but each time I get the same error which is plugin unavailable

And for sure, this is how you added it? (note it is Data source, not Infrastucture)

I haven’t tested Grafana 9.5.1 yet but as 9.4 I haven’t had any problems.

Did you upgrade your Grafana or it is a brand new installation? if was upgraded did you ran the update plugins command?