SQL Server datasource doesn't support options when port is specified

we have installed grafana version 7.3.6 and we want to read data from an AlwaysOn instance that requires a different port from the standard one and ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly option.

In a previuos granafa version (6.x.x) we were able to add this option to the data source field, but after the upgrade now adding it doesn’t validate the field.

Validation error, invalid URL: "localhost:55038; ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly"

Is there any workaround or setup to the data source for fixing it?

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You can try this workaround :

Hope it helps.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it doesn’t work if a port is specified in the hostname of the server.
To be clear:
localhost; ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly works
localhost:55038; ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly doesn’t work