Why does "relative time" / "time shift" default to 1h?

any idea why this happens?

It’s causing Grafana to stop querying InfluxDB. When I set “time shift” explicitely to “0h” it queries again on pressing reload. When it’s at the default 1h it does not. I’ve verified this by looking at the InfluxDB log.

Grafana 7.0.5 and InfluxDB 1.8.0

Same issue. Out of the suddon all Graphs have a default time shift of 1h. Maybe a bug related to “time change” happen at different dates in different Countys? Where to change this back to 0 for all graphs?

that’s not my issue. The issue is that Grafana refuses to update the graphs with new Influx data if I do not manually set the “time shift” (to whatever value).