Zero in data field when querying data (After a few seconds, it corrects to correct data)

I am using InfluxDB to store my data which then i query in grafana to display. When querying we are often getting a 0 back for a few seconds then it gets the correct data. This is causing certain stuff like bandwidth to show 0 till next refresh (30s). If i look at the table in the query and constantly refresh, the 0 does get corrected to the right data within around 5 seconds but this is causing a massive pain.
Any advise or need for more information, let me know,

Configure time shift on the panel level, e. g. 30sec so it will be selecting data saved 30sec ago.
Or use InfluxDB LAST selector to select last metric value.

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We have put the whole dashboard onto a 30s time shift to prevent stuff like this however it is still doing this,
As 0 counts as a metric value, this will not work as it just puts 0 then updates to the correct data. However as a test, i have tried this and still got the same results

Align it with your collection frequency x2. If data are collected every 30sec, then 1 min shift should be good. Also graph the netric count to see collection frequency and chech freq irregularities - your collection can broken/overloaded and it cannot keep with configured collection interval. There is many things what can be wrong.