Back to zero if no data since 5m

Hi, please let me know how to let my graph back to zero if no incomming data since 5m ?

Many thanks !

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There are no case or if equivalents in InfluxQL. As far as I can tell, the only way to accomplish what you describe is to perform the if test when the data is ingested (ingest every minute or whatever, and if no data is received within 5 minutes, send a 0 value to InfluxDB).

Another way is to handle would be to migrate to Flux or FlightSQL.

Hi @baletbernard ,
You can achieve by using Disconnect values: Threshold > 5m and No value: 0. Disconnect values will disconnect line if more than 5 minutes passed since last data and No value will replace missing data with 0.

Disconnect values setting is under Graph styles and No value is under Standard options.


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