Do not show connect values over 1 Minute

I would like to do interface statistics, but I have the problem that I have no data from time to time.
I now want that when there is no data, there is a gap - which is not happening at the moment → I guess because I need “difference” as I have to subtract the current value with the previous value to see the utilisation of the interface.
I collect the value every minute.
So, it should not be connected if the current and the previous value are more than 1 minute apart.

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Did you play around with the Connect null values threshold setting and see how it affects your results?

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yes, no change. Because the Value is never null.
So if I have a Port with value 500 at 07:00 and with value 900 at 07:23 → the value is 400 and not null.

OK, so I think we need to explore your query a bit more.

I see on your screenshot that you show one query called Bits IN Avg, but 2 lines on the graph, so I presume you have 2 queries.

Have you thought about doing a Transform whereby you do the difference between the 2 queries, like this?

Cool idea, I hadn’t thought of that.
But the problem is that there are 2 graphs → bits IN and bits OUT.
So I only have one query to calculate with.

Maybe again to understand how it is calculated:
e.g. Bits IN
Port has the following values
07:00 => 100
07:01 => 105
07:02 => 108
07:03 => 116
07:04 - 07:20 => no values
07:21 => 265
07:22 => 268

so now I have to
07:01 - 07:00 = 5
07:02 - 07:01 = 3
07:03 - 07:02 = 8
so the values would then be fairly equal, so even and correct graph
If I don’t get any values between 07:03 and 07:21, the following will happen
07:21 - 07:03 → that would be a value of 149 → therefore wrong
probably the value at 07:20 => 260, so 5 would be correct,
Hope this is clear.

If I now do this with Transform, I cannot subtract the current value with the previous value, can I?