InfluxDb absolute-time dashboard timeshift error

There are lots of possible custom timeshift settings for dashboards with relative time (at right top corner).

In my case I use absolute time period for dashboard. image

I am making such a query to InfluxDb: WHERE ... AND $timeFilter
So I am expecting this to be transformed into ... AND Time >= '2020-04-06 03:00:00' AND Time <= '2020-04-14 03:00:00'.

This is a call grafana is making: AND time >= 1586131200000ms and time <= 1586822400000ms

This is done in timestamp, so let’s convert if to datetime:

My timezone is correctly parsed, however GMT time is 3 hours ago.

When I make this call (in timestamps) to my database directly, I get 734 result-rows.
When I make call (in datetimes) to my database directly (from 03:00 to 03:00), I get 746 result-rows. And last row has date finishing in 00:00.

So why is grafana changing call-time from the one, I’ve set in dashboard settings? I expect absolutetime settings not to change any values.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards.