Why does Grafana use both uid AND dashboard title when overwriting a dashboard?

We have a system for creating programmatic dashboards and alerts with Grafana and would like to overwrite dashboards based solely on uid as it makes sense to use the unique identifier for this purpose.
However, it seems Grafana also takes into account title when using overwrite.

“Set to true if you want to overwrite existing dashboard with newer version, same dashboard title in folder or same dashboard uid.”

We don’t really see the point in using title as it’s not a unique identifier and it just causes problems overwriting the wrong dashboards for us.

The point is UI. User will be confused, when he will be searching by dashboard title in the UI and 2+ results will be returned. Actually, you can’t have 2 dashboard with the same title in the same folder. So if you really need the same dashboard titles, then you can use different folders.

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