Can I update dashboards from the backend using Mysql?

We recently change the hostname where our grafana instance is running from. We have quite a few dashboards with buttons to other dashboards coded in HTML to add in CSS and javascript, can I change the json stored in MySQL? I’m concerned with how it will affect the versioning since I wouldn’t be creating a new version. I would just be changing the active json source code for each dashboard.

Is this advisable?

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although i’m not having this problem now, i was wondering this a while back and never got an answer. if you have an update please come back by posting it. thanks. also, if there are more professionals - please dm me so i may ask you some questions, if possible.
again - thanks

While it’s possible to do what you’re describing it is never advisable to manually make changes in the database when it’s not the last resort. I’d recommend considering the Grafana HTTP API to make sure your changes persists in the way Grafana expects to minimize the risk of unpredicted behavior appearing.

I’ve never really looked much into how the Api works but I will check this out. Thanks for the reminder this exists.