Dashboard Provisioning overrides exiting, non-provisioned dashboard

There’s a note mentioned in documentation:

Note. Provisioning allows you to overwrite existing dashboards which leads to problems if you re-use settings that are supposed to be unique. Be careful not to re-use the same title multiple times within a folder or uid within the same installation as this will cause weird behaviors.

Is there a chance for overriding and existing dashboard in these scenarios? and how to get away with them?

Scenario 1:

Some set of dashboards ‘A’ are provisioned. Then user are creating more dashboards. In the next release, we add more provisioned dashboards to set ‘A’, and now dashboard set is ‘B’.

Question: New dashboards in set B, can have same ‘uid’ as some of the dashboards created by users? How to avoid overlap and retain user created dashboard on new release updates.

Scenario 2:

Deployment on ‘Scenario 1’ is done across multiple grafana deployments independent of each other. The ‘uid’ have to be consistent across deployments, so we use static ‘uid’ with provisioned dashboards. If the newly added provisioned dashboards can have ‘uid’ overlap with user created dashboards at any deployment, how to avoid clash?