Why do I have vertical lines on datapoints?

Hello! I’m a newbie with grafana but I tried to make a graph with bars made of stacked values, and the visualization seems fine except these vertical lines appearing on the graph.

Any suggestions to what may cause these lines to appear? There should not even be any thin vertical lines like that in the graph.

SO? what graph is your looking forward?

Try to change this field.


I’m sorry, what do you mean?

I already had null value set as null, so that is not the problem, but thanks!

@johnfelixemhjellen is it possible that each of those series actually has multiple values at each timestamp? Maybe you could share what some of your queried data looks like (e.g. from the query inspector)

Here is my query:

Im also a beginner with sql and database calls, so its probable that there is something wrong here.

Thanks! I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the query, but it’s more about the data. Could you show a sample of the data that’s returned (visible in the query inspector)?

Are you thinking about any of these? The datasource is a database managed by a company that I’m working for on a school project.
grafana screenshot for help 4

I also enabled points on the graph, which gave me this:

It looks like the query returns the average of every users’ rating of each metric, instead of only the average of the whole team’s rating.
I think each point represent a user’s average, and that causes those thin lines.
I do not want data for the particular user but for the team as one.

Yup, exactly what I was after. And yes, it’s really clear now that you have the data points enabled also, that you have multiple data points for each timestamp. I guess you’ve already figured out that’s not exactly what you wanted :).

Looking at you SQL again, you shouldn’t include all the actual field names under GROUP BY - because that will generate a separate output for each individual value that exists. If I understand your dataset correctly, I think you should only have GROUP BY datum, as it’s the date that you want to group by.

Thanks for all your help. That didn’t change anything, which seems strange. I have data from multiple teams and discovered that when I use the data for some of the teams, the graph looks OK without these lines. But the data doesn’t seem and should not be much different between teams, because every value is a score between 1 and 5.

So it all seems strange to me, I’m going to try to figure it out but we’ll see.