Line Graph of Temperature Data shows long straight lines, data seems fine

I’m just starting to use Grafana. I want to start by showing temperature readings from my IoT devices. I set up a local SQL Server on my PC and imported a bunch of logged sensor data. The sensor data was exported to a CSV, and then imported to my SQL Server using MSSMS.

I was able to follow the docs and get the data graphed in grafana. But for some reason, I get these odd lines that seem to jump straight across to a point some hours in the future, and then back.

I inspected the data in the database, and I can’t immediately see anything wrong. The behavior suggested to me that there may be a few wrong timestamps, but I can’t seem to find any.

I don’t know exactly what information you would need to help me solve this issue. I will try to include anything relevant.

Looks like I can only upload 2 images as a new user. The 3rd image was my db design.
Column Name, DataType, Allow Nulls
Timesteamp, datetime, yes
Temperature_Fahrenheit, char(10), yes
Relative_Humidity, float, yes

Can anyone provide any troubleshooting steps?

Thank you!

Turns out adding ORDER BY 1 at the end solved the problem. I supposed my data was out of order. Thanks for looking!