Where is the "Metrics browser"?


I haven’t used Grafana in a while. Last time I did, there was an extremely functional interface for building panels that allowed queries to be built with drop down menus, and graphs to be customised. All that appears to have gone in v. 8.0.4. and I’ve spent a frustrating couple of hours laboriously looking up field and tag names in InfluxDB and typing them into arcane query spells, and I still can’t do what took 2 minutes in the previous version.

So I watched Getting started with Grafana 8 and Lo! and Behold! it refers around the 14 minute mark to a “metric browser”.

If I click “Help”, a banner appears telling me to “Start by selecting a measurement from the dropdown above”. But I can’t see any dropdown. I’ve tried this in Brave, Firefox, and Safari.

There is no “metric browser” visible on my installation.

Before I give up, may I ask someone to help me understand if I have a corrupt installation or some other configuration problem, or else how to access this metrics browser. Thank you.

@richardjlyon it looks like you set up your influx datasource to use the new Flux language. Can you check your datasource config and try to change this:

Also, the metrics browser feature is specific to the Prometheus Datasource :+1:



same for me. I use a Prometheus Scource but the Metrics Browser doesn’t show up. Is there any config within the source or somewhere to switch it on?


@mijh what version are you on and can you share a screenshot