No metric tab on creating dashboard

Hello. I’m faced with a strange oddity with no show of metric tab.
Below is full description and can anyone help me?

  • What Grafana version are you using?
    /usr/sbin/grafana-server -v
    Version 4.5.2 (commit: ec2b0fe)

  • What datasource are you using?

  • What OS are you running grafana on?
    RHEL 7.3

  • What did you do?
    Installed grafana server
    checked influxdb is fully working and reachable from grafana server (firewall, auth, … etc )
    and successfully added backend of a influxdb

  • What was the expected result?
    on creating dashboard, metric tab should be seen

  • What happened instead?
    no metric button on creating dashboard
    but when using import with json file, I can see data source

I’m sorry if this is duplicate, but all of the document on the web says metric should be seen.

An example of one of my measurements is as shown below

curl -G ‘http://x.x.x.x:8086/query?db=netdata&u=xxx&p=xxx’ --data-urlencode ‘q=select * from “netdata.users.cpu.root”’

It’s a little bit hidden (this will be changing in the next version of Grafana).

Click on a panel title (CPU Utilization for example). A context menu will appear, click edit:


Then you should be in edit mode for a panel (panels are edited one at a time) with a General, Metrics tab etc.

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Thank you very much! Will try soon.

This is quite confusing, I spent one day already with this.
But thanks to this, I learned a lot about Grafana and influxdb during trying to find if there is any thing missing.


We know it is confusing for people new to Grafana. The original design decision was to remove as many buttons as possible so it would look nice on a TV screen. In Grafana 5.0, we will have more buttons/affordances but hide them if the user is not active. This will hopefully give us the best of both worlds - nice dashboards on big screens and a discoverable UI.