Netdata->InfluxDB->Grafana: unable to explore all metrics?

Hi, Grafana newbie here.

I’ve set up Netdata on one host, exporting data to an InfluxDB server on the same host, and setting Grafana to use the InfluxDB server as a data source. It’s working, AFAICT.

However, when I go to the explorer, the query starts off with ‘FROM’ ‘default’ ‘select measurement’ ‘where’ ‘+’. If I click on ‘select measurement’, it presents a dropdown list of 100 measurements (aka metrics), none of which I’m interested in:
New dashboard - Grafana

The problem appears to be that Grafana is using the query ‘SHOW MEASUREMENTS LIMIT 100’ to populate the dropdown, but if I manually run the query with the limit removed, there are 3854 measurements, which would make for a very unpleasant dropdown experience.

I can type the name of a measurement that’s not in the dropdown into that field (e.g. netdata.apps.cpu_user.system) and get a graph to show up, but this is rather frustrating and not what I expected.

How can I fix this, so I can explore all of my metrics?

And what is the terminology for all of these concepts? I’m surely using the wrong words, which makes searching really hard.


Ok, I found a solution: instead of Netdata → InfluxDB → Grafana, I now have Netdata → Graphite (Carbon,Whisper) → Grafana, and the ‘FROM’ line of the query looks like this:

Essentially, Grafana was not splitting the data on the periods when reading the data from InfluxDB.