Where are the plugins installed for Grafana?

I just started using Grafana a few days ago and was playing with Docker with Grafana.

I installed some random plugins for Grafana inside one of my containers, but have since deleted that container along with the plugins folder. Then, I built a new container with Grafana, however, to my surprise, the plugins from my previous container still existed.

I am pretty sure the grafana.db file was removed along with all the plugin information. I was wondering where these plugins were installed since they persisted through (could be a mistake on my part too, I’m new to Grafana!)

Hi @ruinian8!

The plugins for the docker image are installed to /var/lib/grafana/plugins by default. It sounds like you could be reusing the same persistent storage for your new container. There’s more about configuring the docker image in our docs, along with a table of all of the default paths:

Configure a Docker Image

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