How to install Grafana plugin on Grafana which is running on Docker container

I am working on Grafana version 9.0.2, which is installed on a server using docker, I want to install the Trino plugin on Grafana, but according to the policy on the server, I do not have access to the Internet, How can I install the plugin? I have to give a specific directory and a specific installation method to a team so that they can install this plugin for me. If I provide them with the zip file of this plugin, then what command should they use to install this zip file correctly in the “Grafana plugin directory”?

hi @mikhailvolkov, I think you can help me in this field

How familiar are you with docker?

@zahrazare313 Ask your team to extract plugin files in the subfolder of /var/lib/grafana/plugins.


docker cp trino-plugin-folder grafana:/var/lib/grafana/plugins/
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It depends on “docker” deployement type, but I would say the easiest option is to install it from locally available url, e. g. S3 bucket, which has allowed http access only from dedicated vpc, intranet repo,…

Other options may need complex setup for example if that “docker” is running on AWS ECS Fargate or managing own Grafana image.

@mikhailvolkov, For the information I give to the team to be correct, I used the docker file that I provided to the team and uploaded the Grafana container my local, then I copied the extracted folder according to the command you suggested, but unfortunately nothing No plugin was added to my grafana

Very little, there is a task that is on my side and I have to properly give instructions to the team so that they install it only according to my instructions.

and does the team have more experience on docker than yourself?

yes, they do

Can you guide me more? Grafana is not on AWS, but it is running using Docker file in which the Grafana login page is customized.

@zahrazare313 Did you restart Grafana after copying plugin files?

I’m really sorry, I forgot to restart

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@zahrazare313 Grafana loads plugins during the restart or on-demand when installing from the Plugin Catalog.

Let us know if it works after restart.

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