Dockerized Grafana to read plugin from local filesystm


I have cloned a data source plugin with some code changes. Is there a way to load the plugin repo on local file system using dockerized Grafana contain? Thanerks!

Yes, the plugin just has to be copied to the data/plugins directory. You could create a docker file using the Grafana docker image that does that.

Hi, Daniel,

Thanks for your answer. To be precise, does that mean I could

  1. Create a new dockerfile with base image extending from original Grafana image
  2. Mount a volume pointing to data/plugins
  3. Map the path from the host to volume[‘data/plugin’] in container.

Thank you!



Yes, or you could include the plugins in the image if you wanted too. If a plugin was added or updated in your volume you would need to restart the grafana server in the image.

Here is a simple example of using a volume for the alarm box panel plugin. Run the following command in the directory containing the plugin:

docker run -it -v $PWD:/var/lib/grafana/plugins/alarm_box -p 3000:3000 --name grafana.docker grafana/grafana