Installing a plugin in Grafana through an API request

I need an API request to install a plugin in Grafana. Can anyone help me with this?

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welcome @leagu

Are you asking about using the grafana api itself?

Take a look at this endpoint


Thank you. However, according to what I saw in Grafana’s documentation and also in Grafana’s swagger - there is no API for installing a plugin. However, I still need such a thing… Does anyone have an idea for me or an API replacement that will satisfy me?

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Plugins are pulled in from an external resource. I do not know of any one api that does that. That said it does not mean that you yourselg cannot create it

I will explain my need.
I’m running a docker container of Grafana. (image: grafana/grafana:10:3:0) and apart from that I run a Python Docker container that runs as an ENTRYPOINT a shell file with API requests to create folders, dashboards, etc. I want Grafana’s docker container to have plugins. I tried to add GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS env when running Graphana but I encountered this problem:

So I thought maybe by requesting an API I would solve my problems, and I understand that there is no such thing.
What would you do in such a case?

Are you running this behind company firewall?

I had a problem with a security certificate.
I installed it and was able to add plugins with GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS env.
Thanks for everything!