Docker image and plugin install/uninstall issue

I am using a docker image and I foolishly installed grafana-cli plugins install grafana-image-renderer (from the running container’s bash) before I read that it is not supported by the image. Now even if I remove the image and pull the image from scratch it sees the plugin somewhere and fails to run the container. How do I uninstall this plugin from wherever it lives. Or stop image from picking it up?

How can I remove that plugin, so the image does not try to implement it?

why in the world did you do that??

I don’t know… I was in a hurry and saw this Grafana Image Renderer plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs and I thought I’d just run the installation line and then continue reading… only if I read another line right after that I would have been on the safe side… but I hope there is a solution to my case… I am sure that plugin lives somewhere and can be removed by some machinery

Hi, did you fix it? I have the same problem and i don’t know how to fix and continue working :frowning:

Yes and No. I could not fix it by CLI. I had to remove persisted directory and run an image from scratch.

Since google points here maybe someone will find this useful.
Container keeps resetting every few seconds so you need to be quick.


docker exec -it grafana /bin/bash
grafana-cli plugins remove grafana-image-renderer

user@nuc ~ > docker exec -it grafana /bin/bash
bash-5.1 grafana-cli plugins remove grafana-image-renderer
Removing plugin: grafana-image-renderer

Just for anybody having done the same stupid thing :-S
I run Grafana on unraid in a docker container and also installed the grafana-image-renderer with the grafana-cli.
The grafana container will not start after that anymore so the uninstall process proposed by @furmek will not work.
I removed the grafana-image-renderer folder from /mnt/user/grafana/plugins
After that the container restarts normally.
The plugin cannot be installed in a docker container. Not via the grafana-cli nor via the plugins option in the ui.

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You must be running a faster box than I do @ronbbrein for me grafana would start “booting” and die after ~5s. Just enough time to run uninstall command.
As for running renderer in docker - yes you can: Grafana Image Renderer plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs - Run in Docker section

You saved my live! That worked (with quick fingers and mouse handling)

To make things a bit easier.

  1. copy (ctrl+c) the line below
grafana-cli plugins remove grafana-image-renderer
  1. type the following command
docker restart grafana && sleep 1 && docker exec -it grafana /bin/bash
  1. now, be fast and run the uninstall command using ctrl+v
  2. restart the container

I guess you don’t need the “sleep 1”, that might give you an extra second.