What is the rate in counter metrics?


I currently using custom counter metrics to count the total API, k6 have sent to our application. What’s weird is that there is a rate along side the counter but the value does not seem to add up.


For example, in the screenshot above, I created a stage(rampup-arrival-rate) with a target of 100 iterations for a span of 10mins (timeUnit used is 1s). Now if I check the results(screenshot below), total count of the counter did reach almost 100 (59216 / 10mins / 60s = ~98/s) , but alongside the count is a rate of 28.440422/s which does not add up and is not near 98/s. So my question is what is this rate? or have I done something wrong with my computation?

Hi @paulo.borja!

I think the rate is the counter value divided by the whole test duration.


Yup, you seem to be right :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

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