Iterations value (eg: 0.238551/s) is same as throughput right?

Iterations value (eg: 0.238551/s) which we get in k6 output metrics means the throughput of the API on which we are doing load testing right?
It may be a very stupid question but just needed to have clearity on how to get the throughput

Hi there, it’s not a stupid question at all :slight_smile:

That value is shown for any Counter metric, and in the case of iterations it’s the number of iterations-per-second that were executed. Since a single iteration can do anything else besides making HTTP requests, or can make more than a single HTTP request, it’s not a reliable metric to track HTTP throughput.

For that you should instead look at the http_reqs metric which is a more accurate representation of requests-per-second a.k.a. throughput.

@imiric Thankyou so much for your reply :slight_smile:

In k6 output metrics we get this parameter also right
http_reqs…: 215 2.499457/s

So basically you are saying this value (2.499457/s ) gives the throughput i.e requests per second.

So i can conclude this value as throughput going further right ?

Yes, that’s correct :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @imiric :slight_smile: