Throughput and error in k6

How to get the error (how many requests failed) and the throughput in k6
Can anyone please help me with this?

Can you elaborate and what error you want to see?

Maybe a sample script and the output of k6 + what you are specifically interested will help us understand your problem better :slight_smile:

for eg: i want to know the total no of requests which were not able to make any connections and also how can i calculate the throughput value for the requests which have passed

Depending on what “were not able to make any connections” means, you might be able to use http_reqs and based on something like the status to get your count. And again if throughput is RPS you can calculate that based on the above.

In any case you can use custom metrics to do that, but if you can do it with the builtin it would be more performant :wink: .