Getting weird metrics in datadog

Screenshot from 2022-05-12 10-52-26
Hi K6 community,

I have a test were I do CRUD requests in order with stages:

stages: [
{ duration: ‘5m’, target: 25 },
{ duration: ‘10m’, target: 25 },
{ duration: ‘5m’, target: 0 },

If you look at the graph, VUs do not ramp up following the stages. It does slowly then shoots up to max VUs. What is much more weird is request per second is less than 1.

Request per second should be in 20s

K6 0.37 version

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Hi @aakash.gupta !

Does this behavior repeat across test runs? :thinking:

In once screenshot, we have k6.http_reqs as count and in other as rate. I have problem understanding the rate case. Since I have 25 users sending requests, how can rate of k6.http_reqs be around 1. See screenshots

Hi @aakash.gupta !

Sorry for the delay in the reply :frowning_face:

Which executor are you using? :thinking:

I am using ramping-vus