What is the license of builtin panel plugins?


I am planning work on a time selector panel. The panel would work like a regular time series panel, however also allow to set a template variable to a specific timestamp on click. So you can investigate smaller timeframes (in the other panels based on the variable) but still keep the overview in this panel for easier navigation through time.

Now to my question: My first idea was to fork the time series panel and add the new functionality (replacing the menu with options like Add Annotation, Data links, etc.). However I am uncertain about licensing.

It was stated that Grafana plugins stay under Apache license.
The licensing file in the Grafana repo however does not mention public/app/plugins, which is where the builtin plugins like Time Series Panel are found.
Does this mean I cannot use it as a base for a plugin under Apache license?

Hi @ypnos,

As specified in LICENSING, the default license for the Grafana project is AGPLv3, with the exception of the directories listed under Apache-2.0 in that file.