What is the best way to add Nagios as a Datasource in Grafana

I am trying to find the bet way to present Nagios data in Grafana.
I have a grafana puling metrics from multiple sources (prometheus and Influx).
I have recently been asked to add the Nagios metrics to the same grafana to reduce the places people need to monitor for metrics/monitoring/alerting.
I read that this can be done with a PNP pluggin, something called nagflux, or by using collectd to push the data to a graphite data source.

what is considered the best way to do this?.. is anyone aware of any guides/articles i can read to get me started?


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Did you find it? I’m with the same doubt…

no i still don’t have a decent solution for this

@milesjoe09 @cyberphantom
since I do not see a Nagios plugin you might have to capture data maybe via the nagios api? Can you provide sample data (obfuscated) you want to plot in grafan in the format the nagios api returns it? Since we might not have nagios to test this on, you providing the data will help us help you.

Also which kind of visualization do you want to use

Given this data from nagios documentation

    "C:|": {
        "used_percent": [
        "used": [
        "opts": "rw,fixed",
        "total_size": [
        "fstype": "NTFS",
        "free": [
        "device_name": [

using JSON API data source to capture this data from rest api

using the following json extraction


Using Bar Charts you get this