Nagios XI & Grafana Integration

Hi Forum. There seems to be plenty of documentation around getting Nagios Core graphs into Grafana. But nothing about Nagios XI…

Is it possible to get Nagios XI graphs into Grafana if Grafana is hosted on it’s own standalone server? I have it working using PNP4Nagios with Grafana installed locally on my one of my Naigos XI servers. But I want to host Grafana on it’s own server where we will be pulling into data from two instance of Nagios and Azure… Azure is working but I cannot get Nagios graphs into Grafana and am totally stuck.

I am in a catch 22 with this, if I don’t get an operational POC up and running I am not going to get corporate sign off to purchase Grafana Enterprise. but without Grafana Enterprise there is very little support for this platform. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.