Grafana not displaying Nagios graphs

Hi All

First off Merry Christmas to you all. I have just installed Grafana on my Nagios server (CentOS6.9) in my home lab, I am looking to use it in work in a few weeks with our Enterprise Nagios XI install. My home lab is setup virtually identical but I am not getting info through on the graphs.

I have followed the install guide to the letter and I have had no issues at all. I have attached a screenshot and as you can see the graph is populated in Nagios but not in Grafana.

If you have any ideas or can point me at a trouble shooting guide i would really appreciate it. This looks like a pretty awesome application and if I can get it working I will state a case for getting the Enterprise version to my boss who loves pretty, iterative graphs!!

We currently use PowerBI and lets face it, it pretty rubbish!

I just want to add this, It look like it could be helpful.

Nevermind I found the error. No idea how to fix it yet, but I’ll figure it out…