Graphs not shown on grafana


I have integrated grafana v5.2.1 with nagioscore through pnp4nagios on centos6.9. I followed this link in order to setup grafana.
And add data source in grafana server:

Name: PNP
Type: PNP
HTTPURL: http://localhost/pnp4nagios
Check the Basic Auth
Under Basic Auth Details populate the username and password (username / password)

Datasource is successfully added and working. But When I created Dashboard + Graph for localhost. It shown only blank graph panel no data shown on the graphs. Please guide me accordingly.


Old thread, but if you haven’t already, you’ll want to make sure that while you are editing the graph panel, and selecting the host, that you also select the appropriate service and performance label. Usually, I refer back to the Nagios graphs on the appropriate service and performance label to use, since Grafana is just a frontend for the Nagios rrd data.

I’m having the same issue with Grafana visualization.

  1. Installed Grafana for Nagios Core as in
  2. The query is set for localhost, Current Load and load1, load5 and load15 as mentioned

  1. This is what nagios is showing for the same service and host:

I already checked pnp4nagios and the data and everything seems to be working except the graphs, no data is showing up.

Any help is appreciated.