Grafana + pnp4nagios + Nagios

I have followed Nagios Core - Using Grafana With PNP4Nagios for Fedora, as well as tried the OMD version. The data source seems to add fine. When I setup a dashboard, following the ones listed. I get no data, further I dont knowhow ot show say CPU load returned by a plugin in Grafana. Could someone point me to a resource?


Is it a new installation, if this is the case i would recommend using prometheus, there is also already built dashboards you can try. You can either use :

  • Node Exporter
  • Nimon (njmon)

Note : If you already have a nagios infrastructure, make sure you have the data on the source before trying to connect it to grafana.

Also try the explore mode (dashboards are often built for a specific datasource)

Good Luck :slight_smile:

It is an existing installation, with about 6 months of data in graphs.

Does it show any data using the Explore screen from your datasource ?

When I click host its empty, same for the other fields.

Thank you for your help, Im new to this, even though I read the docs, some doesn’t make sense.

Have a look at this link PNP4Nagios + Grafana :

Note : It’s in Spanish, but you will have an idea on how to do the configuration.

(the tutorial you are following is pretty old, I saw redhat 6 there :smile: )

Good Luck