What does it means?

I tried to run my script and it gives me a different symbol beside “contacts” sometimes I saw an arrow down, x or checklist symbol. what does it mean?

and what does interrupted iteration mean here?

It means that one of your iterations didn’t have time to finish before k6 forcefully terminated it. The reasons for that could have been many:

In any case, the fact that 1 out of your 1047153 script iterations didn’t fully finish running is probably not a big deal :sweat_smile:

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thank you very much, it means a lot to me. How about an arrow down symbol? it is also means something else or just ignore it?

running (50m21.9s), 00/40 VUs, 78706 complete and 0 interrupted iterations

contacts ↓ [======================================] 23/40 VUs 50m0.01s

running (50m30.0s), 00/40 VUs, 67628 complete and 1 interrupted iteration

contacts ✗ [======================================] 00/40 VUs 50m0.01s

The arrow down symbol means that the normal scenario duration has ended and now k6 is waiting, up to the configured gracefulStop period, for any already started iterations to finish executing.

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