Dropped_iterations, interrupted iterations, connection was forcibly closed by host error

Hi Team,

Need help on below
I am using below config

executor: “constant-arrival-rate”,
Execution script —> k6 run -e DURATION=30s -e RATE=1000 -e TIMEUNIT=1s -e PREALLOCATEDVUs=5000 -e MAXVUs=5000output

  1. dropped_iterations…: 4739 78.970861/s

  2. 204 interrupted iterations

  3. Request Failed : An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." In which case this error will come ?.

  4. How can I reduce dropped_iterations & interrupted iterations count to 0 ?

  5. How to overcome 3rd error ?

Thank You

Hi @shailendrakumaromkar !

I think you should check what has happened on server side, because the request durations are very high. Dropped iteration happens when k6 has to run an iteration, but there are no free VU, because every VU is allready working on a previous iteration. If a http request lasts for 58 seconds, that VU is busy for at least 58 seconds. Interrupted iteration may happen, because it is not finished after the test duration (+gracefulStop period, which is 30s by default)

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Thank You for clarification.