How to fix interrupted iterations issue in k6?

running (6m20.0s), 0/5 VUs, 2 complete and 5 interrupted iterations

Getting this message after k6 run completes, How can we fix it to avoid interrupted iterations.

Below is my execution scenario

executor: “ramping-vus”,
exec: “mySchneiderApis”,
startVUs: 0,
stages: [
{ target: 1, duration: “30s” },
{ target: 5, duration: “5m” },
{ target: 0, duration: “20s” },
gracefulRampDown: “1m”,

Hi @gauravnagarro !

It seems like your iterations took longer than the whole test ran :thinking: Could you please provide the test run full summary output? Results output

Or at least what does iteration_duration show?


Hi @gauravnagarro , try to increase the value of gracefulRampDown to 2m, probably your scenario started iterations when the test was already finishing so they had to be aborted, increasing the value of gracefullrampdown you can handle that.