[feature] executor "ramping-iterations"

It would great if we could get another executor that gradually increases in iterations and VUs (1-to-1).

The purpose of this is to test the breaking point of an endpoint, e.g. how many parallel connections before it returns a timeout, 504.

my proposal is that it would look something like this:

		summarize_ramp : {
			executor : "ramping-iterations",
			startIterations : 0,
			step: 5,
			gracefulRampDown : "0s",
                        autoAbort: true

startIterations is how many iterations/VU to start at
step is how many to increment, after all current iterations have returned/finished
autoAbort is to automatically exit the run, when an ErrorCode has been received. A user can make it false and create a custom abort condition through threshold option.

An opposite version would also be great, e.g. “reverse-ramping-iterations”.

This is so that if the first test shows that timeouts start at 100 iterations, and we were stepping by 10; we could then use the reverse and start at 99 iterations, step down by 1, and then abort when all iterations return non-Error

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Check for details [feature] executor “ramping-iterations” · Issue #2622 · grafana/k6 · GitHub