Scenario Stops short of duration

Anybody know why or under what conditions a scenario execution will stop short of the expected duration? See in this screenshot the 1st scenario - peak - stops 2 seconds before completion. AbortOnFail is enabled in thresholds.

running (24m00.0s), 000/045 VUs, 45073 complete and 0 interrupted iterations
peak      ✗ [====================================>-] 000/018 VUs  13m58.1s/14m0s  01.21 iters/s
gate_rush ✓ [======================================] 000/028 VUs  9m0s            00.68 iters/s

Hi @PlayStay

Without seeing the script, if peak has a threshold with abortOnFail enabled, the test will abort once the threshold is crossed: Thresholds | Grafana k6 documentation. This might happen in your case 2s before the intended duration.

Some potential reasons are also mentioned here: What does it means? - #3 by nedyalko

I hope this helps.