What data source reads local data files?

I have grafana-server running on a host that has a database organized as a set of text files, each of which looks like this.

20220818T210000Z 17485 6434307432 5913599488 402099843
20220818T220000Z 17673 6340802423 5829385216 406441814
20220818T230000Z 16962 6276223844 5771188736 390111050
20220819T000000Z 16862 6322952003 5815037952 387818496
20220819T010000Z 13446 5064630598 4660177408 309260342
20220819T020000Z 10737 3958418792 3638578688 246952334

As a Grafana noob I got to the step Choose a data source type in the Add data source wizard and I’m stuck. There is a list of logos and brand names but I’m having no luck looking through them all to find something that you point at data files and tell it how to parse them.

What do you suggest I try?


What kind of database technology is this?

Like I said in the OP, it is

I would not call that a database in the purest sense of the word though all databases technically have files as base.

So you have a few options (basically if you want to show all files I do not know of any plugin that can do that)

  1. Use some log/file aggregator such as loki to ingest those files and display in grafana using Loki plugin
  2. Move that data to a proper database such as mysql etc
  3. Create a nodejs rest api that reads those files and then get grafana to display the data using plugins such as infinity

I think that what you call a database I would call a database server.

Is that it? Grafana requires the data to be in a server that Grafana can query over the network?

Where are these files coming from? Are they tab or space delimited?

Hi @spinitom

This is something a lot of new Grafana users are confused about as they have data in text or CSV files and want to visualize this in Grafana.

But since files on a disk don’t provide a query interface, this doesn’t work. In order to visualize this data, it first needs to be loaded into a data source such as a SQL database, an online spreadsheet system, or some other service that provides a query interface.

Please visit the Grafana Plugins page to get the right plugin for your text data file.