What about a bridge between Limesurvey and Grafana


I am new to this site and new to Grafana.

I used limesurvey, an open source survey software.

I would like to create a dashboard containing the answers to the questions in my Limesurvey questionnaires. I did not find any plugin to do it.

Question: How could I initiate the programming of such a plugin?

How it works?

Thanks for your feedback,

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you can do it easly with JsonDataSource,

you must make a service that expose de data over Rest API (Python?)
for example, isnt public for now, i made an app that permit get data from GoogleSheets

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Hi daniel,
Thanks for your feedback. I will try with JSON.
I had to look with MYSQL plugin but the data structure of Limesurvey requires the SQL query writing very long and tedious. JSON is certainly a great idea.