Looking for a grafana freelancer to get me started (json api's)


looking for somebody who can help me to get started with adding json api’s to my grafana, I tried it but :face_with_peeking_eye:

paid work off course

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @svanzuidam

what datasource plugin are you using to get the api data into grafana? Is it this one?


I tried that one yes but also another one.

Hi, I have written a short tutorial on how to use the SimpleJson data source. You might want to check it out if it is what you want.

Creating Dynamic Auto-Updated Time Series using Grafana | by Wei-Meng Lee | Mar, 2022 | Level Up Coding.


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You can contact me on samant.rags@gmail.com with details.


Hi All,

Sorry for the silence, I was busy fixing it all :slight_smile: I actually got it all working, I now have connections to multiple endpoints, bol, amazon, zendesk, magento, shopify and my raspberry pi will autoload the browser and grafana

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