Website availability in percentage in grafana (SLA)

I have 2 web application availability metrics in zabbix:

  1. 200 or not
  2. 1 - down, 0 - up

Is it possible to display website availability data as a percentage in grafana? Desirable with reference to datetime

Yes. Either count all the times that your “availability check” returned 200,
and express this as a percentage of the number of checks performed. or else
(probably the simpler solution) display 100-sum(updown)/count(updown), where
I’ve assumed that your metric number 2 is a field called “updown”.

Just as an aside, I find the labelling “1=down and 0=up” most unintuitive :slight_smile:


What functions for these calculations do I need to use or is it done by means of some kind of visualization?

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