How to get Zabbix System Uptime in percentage on daily, weekly and monthly basis using Grafana

Hi, I am new here, using Zabbix I can see the system uptime in hours or days the same as I can see it in Zabbix dashboard. But I just want to convert it to the percentage like for how much time the system is available in a day. the week and a month. By available I mean If the system shut down for a couple of hour or days how do we are going to get the availability percentage for a month.

It’s impossible to do in Grafana. You can create IT service in Zabbix and calculate this.

I do, but It is not showing the way I want it to. I want to see the single stat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When I select IT Services then there is no further option to select whether we want to see daily, weekly or monthly single stat and also Grafana is not showing accurate timings. I am uploading the image of Zabbix

and Grafana

I haven’t any other ideas.