Vertica+ grafana after upgrade to 7.5.4

After upgrading to 7.5.4 + vertica datasource when creating a variable for a dashboard getting error:
query must have at least one column with name ‘text’ field: name grafana
what is that? how can I solve this?
many thanks!

Hi @kfruchtman ,

Are you using this vertica grafana datasource? It look like development on this plugin stopped almost a year ago. They note in their GitHub readme that this plugin will eventually stop working because it is unsigned. Was this plugin working for you on an earlier version? If so, what version?

Thanks for answering.I have been using that plugin yes, on version 6.7.3 and now I upgraded to 7.5.4 and it is working.the second vertica datasource is not vertica-datasource plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs
So somehow I am being able to work with the old unsigned plugin I put in the grafana.ini file the plugin as an unsigned plugin.

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@kfruchtman , I am the author of the second vertica plugin , can you describe what issue are you getting. You can also reach out on GitHub - rajsameer/vertica-datasource.
If you still have question for variables. refer to read me.