Variable refresh behavior change since 8.06

Previously I used grafana 8.06 and I upgraded to 8.2.2 and the way the variable are loaded has change and it make my dashboard unusable :frowning:

I have 4 variables at the top. This dashboard is for a monitoring system, so the first variable load a list of “master” servers. The user user select one of the servers and the second variable do a query to retrieve the list of his servers that are reporting to this server. So, when you select a new master servers, the list of servers from the second query is refresh. The second query use the variable name of the first variable inside his query.

When I first build the dashboard in version 8.06, when I selected the list of the “master” servers, the second variable refreshed automatically and it get the actual list of the servers. Now, when I switch between the servers list of the first variable, the second variable is not refreshed automatically as it used to do. I changed the value from “dashboard load” to “on time change” and yes, it works but the user will have to click on the refresh button multiple time.

I upgraded to 8.2.2 because I want to use the new regex option from the value mapping. If I go back to 8.06, the old variable refresh behavior will come back but I will not be able to use the value mapping regex and I can’t stay at 8.06 forever anyway.

I will give a more information about the variable if it’s not clear enough.
First variable name: $master
Second variable name: $agent

The first variable do a query to an API to retrieve the list of servers that are “master”.
Result: master1,master2,master3

The second variable also do a query to the same api but it needs to use the result of the first variable.
Result: Now, depending of the $master that is selected the result could be agent1,agent2,agent3.

Now, on the dashboard at the top the user select the master server he wants, then on the second variable he chooses the right agent. But in 8.2.2, even if you select another master, the agent stays the same until you hit “refresh” to change the time.

I hope it’s clear.


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Issue is fixed on version 8.5.0-beta


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