Value mappings color change not working?

I’m trying to change the colors of the values in a table panel.

As you can tell from the picture below, I am able to change the name of the severity value for each category, by adding the capital letter in front, but the mappings seem to ignore the color change.

I am aming to change to color of the text “Medium”, “High”, “Critical”.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

Any suggestions?
Is there some kind of bug in the version 9.5.3?

Looks like it is case sensitive?

Hi @yosiasz sorry for the late reply.
I am still dealing with the pie chart color problems. And it appears in all the pie charts.
I don’t think the main problem is related to the fact that it’s case sensitive or not.
Please have a look at the following screen:

And this is the table view:

I noticed that the entries that have the same value “count” value are sharing the same color.
Any idea on how I can fix this?


A couple of things you can check and try.

  1. Check on what value the value is on the screen below. Sometimes it overrides the value mappings. If its on Classic pallet or any other multi color palette change it to single color.

  1. After doing step 1 and its still not working remove all current value mappings and try the following.

You can also change the colors by pressing on legend itself in the panel

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Hi @orosolido @yosiasz thank you for your reply.
I tried the first option, but it seems it applies the same color to everything:

I then tried the second option you suggested. I think it works ok:

The only problem is that sometimes I need to do charts in which it would not be feasible to map all the names to their corresponding color.

For instance, the following chart:

is related to the following result table:

As you can see Grafana still maps the same color to those entries that have the same “value” in the right column.

It would not be feasible to map all the values because this chart may include thousands of diffferent names (Name1, Name2, Name3, etc…), which have a corresponding “value” indicating how many times that particular alert pops up.

I think it might be a basic mistake that I’m doing either on the configurations/overrides or the query itself.

Any idea on how to solve this?

in that case you have hit this or any other visualization’s limits. If the values can change dynamically there is nothing out of the box you can do about it. but look at the following plugin for more control over the colors.

or using Dynamic Text plugin with plotly

Hi @yosiasz
Are you suggesting I can integrate those Apache ECharts in grafana?
Is it possible to do so? (I’m just literally asking)

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This changed to be about pie charts, but to answer the initial question, to set text or background in a table, Cell options → Cell type must be set accordingly. (Got my self quite a few gray hair as well trying to figure out this)


This is the required solution. Thanks