Bug in Bar and Gauge Value Mappings

Pretty straight forward. Text is applied as expected - colors are not applied. Cool tool - but bugs at every turn.


I would be leary of using a tool that has a bug at every turn.

Try this

Use organize field transformation for renaming fields but value mapping for color

Also what is your datasource

Thank you for the response.
The data source is an aquarium controller that feeds data through a postfix pipe to PHP script that formats the data to a file. Telegraf picks the files up to InfluxDB2 in line format to flux.

I am not mapping to the “value” of illumination (a percentage of output power), I need to color the bars by the channel name … “Blue” “Green”, etc. The value mappings are working to change the names (as expected) but not the color. Therefore they are “hitting” the target but the color is not being overridden. This is a bug, almost certainly unless I am fully misunderstanding something.

Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._1,illumination_name=Blue475nm,illumination_units=% illumination_value=100,illumination_color=1759,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._2,illumination_name=RoyalBlue,illumination_units=% illumination_value=100,illumination_color=1023,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._3,illumination_name=Cool_White_6500K,illumination_units=% illumination_value=28,illumination_color=49141,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._4,illumination_name=BlueWhite,illumination_units=% illumination_value=100,illumination_color=9407,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._5,illumination_name=True_Green,illumination_units=% illumination_value=28,illumination_color=30690,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._6,illumination_name=Hyper_Red,illumination_units=% illumination_value=16,illumination_color=63616,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._7,illumination_name=Sky_White_7500K,illumination_units=% illumination_value=28,illumination_color=55290,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._8,illumination_name=Ultraviolet385n,illumination_units=% illumination_value=100,illumination_color=57375,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
Illumination,illumination_id=illumina._9,illumination_name=Hyperviolet425n,illumination_units=% illumination_value=100,illumination_color=26687,illumination_properties="du" 1706906100000000000
from(bucket: "aquarium")
  |> range(start: -1h)
  |> filter(fn: (r) =>
    r._measurement == "Illumination" and
    r._field == "illumination_value"

  |> last()

It is not a “bug” (but bugs at every turn is a bit dramatic) in latest version. What version of grafana are you on?
Using value mapping then setting color works on my computer.

I am using Grafana v10.3.1 (00a22ff8b2)
is this not the same OPEN issue with your name on it in github? Just trying to get this sorted out.

Guilty as charged but that was an ancient version

Works on my pc now on 10.2.3 with bar chart

Maybe roll back and see what happens

I honestly have no idea how to roll back. And you are coloring a bar chart, not a bar gauge, so if I were betting, I would bet that the “bug” that we can’t call a bug is still crawling.

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Let me try gauge coloring

bar chart works gauge has a bug

So “Gauge” and “Bar Gauge” visualizations likely share the same bug. “Bar Chart” doesn’t help me.

Is there an ETA on a fix or is this so far off the radar that I just need to forget it and move on?

No idea on fix