V5.0 is incompatible with v4.x on some features

Hi, there
i use two versions v4.6.3 and v5.0 pre1(for developing) with the same Datas,
what i found that was two features:

1.the panel display on both versions normally before editing, once i edited on v5 that all panels will disappear on v4, otherwise that is normal.
2.the row feature is not in v5, this is extremely bad for cataloguing the dashboard which include so many panels, however, the rows exist before on v4 that can be displayed on v5 but no row options like height/size.

hope for your help, thanks a lot !


So you’re running 4.6.3 and 5.0 pre1 against the same database?

The row feature is still in v5, You can add a row thru Add Panel and Row. However the need for rows shouldn’t be as critical as before because of the new grid in use where you can position panels however you see fit.


Well , thanks for your reply ,
right ,im running 4.6.3 and 5.0 pre1 against the same database, so some incompatible appearance in the old version.

by the way , i can’t find Add Panel and Row in v5 only i saw was that

any other hiding buttons ?:joy:

O, i see that is hiding in the panel selector, i need it for async loading in some Dashboards with so many panels :grin:

Glad I could help and that you sorted it out.

I wouldn’t recommend running different versions back and fourth against the same database. Could probably create odd behaviours.