Grafana 5: how to hide/colapse panel


we are using Grafana 5 now, and i’m not able to replicate feature from Grafana 4 - hiding, or better to say colapsing of row with panels. We have long dasboard with unit details, some rows are less important than other, so they are hidden, until someone want to see this information. In G5 it’s gone, or i’m missing something of course.


Can you show a screen shot to explain the problem?

Here are some collapsed rows in Grafana 5 with the new dashboard grid:

Well, now i’m confused.

I have clean install of G5, and i just don’t see any UI element to create row.

Edited: image removed.

Well… found it. And i have lot of comments/questions :confused:

  1. putting “Row” in “Add panel” on same “hierarchy” level as other panels is from UX point not very elegant. Or is “Row” on same level as any other panel (yes from one point of view, panel can exist without “row panel”), or is not - because it behaves in different way, it can consist of different panels, it can be hiden. I would suggest to distinguish between those two elements, because they are not the same creature, at least from user point of view. So i would sugest “Add row & panel” to name of UI element, and distinguish between row and other panels in graphic layout of “Add panel”.
  2. new version of rows consumes too much of space - name of row is stil shown, and in case, when row consist just of one panel with same name, it’s… waste of screen estate. I understand that previous version was not very straighforward from user’s point of view, but it’s waste of space, if i can’t hide panel’s/row’s name.
  3. when draging between rows there is no visual confirmation, that panel is now part of row.
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Rows in Grafana v5 are mostly there for backward compatibility and making very large dashboards possible (as way to create collapsable sections) so making it big button for creating them felt unnecessary as they are no longer needed for most dashboards.

The row takes up the same amount of space as in previous versions, we do require the title to be shown as otherwise there would be no space to have the toggle/hide (the hidden row menu was very much a UX problem that we wanted to remove). We do understand that this can cause some problems for some small subset of dashboards that used rows heavily and like the hidden nature of the row title when expanded.

Just out of curiosity, why do you think that rows are longer needed for most dashboards?

Because they are not needed for creating layouts anymore , you can move and place and size panels any way you want without using a single row

After experience with G5 i agree with @torkel, new layout system is quite cool and i nearly can live without rows, but i really would like to see feature to collapse just one panel (or manually, or when no data are available, if set so).

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A lot of our layouts are based on the model where we have high-level coarse grained metrics visible and more detailed metrics collapsed in a row. This makes the UI cleaner and reduces the load on our metrics backend.

The mechanism doesn’t really need to be a row but even with the new layout engine I think it would make the most sense: Minimizing and maximizing individual panels can cause other panels to bounce around in unexpected ways and confuse the user. The behavior of collapsing and extending a row is much more predictable.

To provide another use case for hiding the title, we use the row’s ‘repeat’ to show the first row multiple times for each of the selected ‘hosts / servers’.

With Grafana 4.x all rows were visible without a lot of ‘blank’ space in between.

In itself it’s not quite that big of a deal, but it looked just perfect with 4.x, and now… it’s a waste of space :slight_smile:

However, I do understand the reasoning, and this use case probably isn’t very common. But the ‘repeat’ option for the complete row was an easy and fast way to provide the ‘server list’ functionality.

This dashboard is used on our main TV screen as a sort of quick monitoring option.

Due to the title not being hidden, less rows are visible on the screen.

However, we really love the new version, it’s a lot slicker and cleaner… keep up the amazing work!

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I am using Grafana 6.2 and I am baffled by it not having rows. How would I create a dashboard similar to the one you posted?

I would like to show CPU/Memory/Network as a collapsable?

So, “Cluster Capacity” will be “CPU”. Deployments will be “Memory” and so on.

Do you have a sample 6.x dashboard I can reference? Similar to this

How did you do, “Dashboard Row”?

How to hide/colapse panel in Grafana version v9.1?

I’ve asked a new question here –