5.0 : can't create row

I can’t find a way to create rows inside a Dashbords using Grafana 5.0-beta 3 and 4.
Are they deprecated ?

I used to have repeating rows depending on templates variables. How am I supposed to do the same ?


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finaly found it ! it’s a special “panel”… weird choice, but working…


Glad you found it. We kind of see rows as an advanced feature and starting from 5.0 you actually don’t need to create a row for adding panels and that’s why we decided to put in the add panel dialog.


But you removed the possibility to move Rows up/down.
Maybe this is not very important since you may only move it once but if you add more rows that you want to have at e.g. the bottom you need to move all graphs one-by-one.
Or is there any way to move a row from top to bottom?


You need to collapse the row before being able to move it. There’s a drag icon to the right of collapse row that you can drag.


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Thanks, I do see it now, to the most right there was.

Hi Team,

I am not able to create Row on Grafana dashboard .i am using the version grafaana v6.2.1.

Please help me on this.

I guess it has been moved to the “Add panel”…