Completly hide a panel/row from the grafana dashboard

We have a dashboard, where we are using the datasource --dashboard-- functionality of grafana with group by transformation to send the output of source panels to all other panels(Destination panels). We would like to hide the source panels from the dashboard and only the show the destination panels. We tried the rows colapse feature but it won’t hide the complete row from the dashboard.

Do we have a solution to completly hide the panels/row from the grafana dashboard?

Looking forward to your responses.


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Same problem here [from a non-expert user point of view]. Dashboard variables have the limitation of producing just lists of discrete values. For a resource-oriented dashboard, we need to query a couple of resources from a database as JSON objects and then parse and pick the properties for different panels. Having a hidden panel would conceivably provide a viable route (though as a somewhat of a workaround for not having variables of JSON type). We’d use the ‘Extract fields’ transform to pick & parse the JSON properties of interest for different panels.

Any better way to share partial queries or JSON objects as a source for different panels?