Using Latest Treemap on Grafana 7.3 Failing can't find panelbg

I have a Grafana 7.3 , MySQl 5.7…I am running an older version of Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS.

Treemap by marcusolsson is loaded (0.5) and keeps failing with message “Cannot read property ‘panelbg’ of undefined.”

Thinking maybe I messed something up in my system I did a fresh install on another machine running Centos 7.9, just updated today.

Posted premarurely. Fresh install saw the same issue.

Little more background…I am confident my query is producing a good data set for the visualization as initially it worked. The colors were stuck on a green gradient that washed out the text and when trying to enter the Dimension section to change coloring that failed and went to a black screen “error”.

On the fresh install/different server it went straight to the “panelBG” issue. It never worked there.

Any help would be appreciated.