User that not in the team is still able to access the Dashboards

I want to restrict access to Grafana dashboards. I have removed the user from the Users list in Grafana, and also from all the groups that I have in the Grafana setup. When the user tries to log in, his user is automatically re-added into Grafana and he is then able to see all dashboards. (It seems that because the user has a valid email in AAD then Grafana authorizes the login and automatically creates a user for that email.)

After the login, he can access the folders (with dashboards) that restricted by adding groups. But that user no longer showing in the groups.

I have deleted the default Viewer and Editor groups.

I’m using Grafana v6.4.4 (092e514)


Is the user an admin? If he’s an admin, the default permission will allow him to access all folders.
If you can’t update his rights on AAD to make it not an admin on Grafana, you can disable him instead of deleting him. He should not be able to log in again.

If you haven’t read the documentation page around permissions (, it will help you having a better understanding of how it works in Grafana and why your user still have access to the dashboards.

Thank you for the information.
That user is not an admin.

Can you post a screenshot of the details below the user information in the user profile page?

And did the “disable” option help?